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THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: Taking Time to Be Grateful

Isn't gratitude a beautiful thing? Something good first must happen in order to bring it to life. Its sibling emotions are sympathy, empathy, humility and generosity. It is a catalyst that enables us to think beyond ourselves. As you indubitably have noticed, the beginning of November ushered in, quite literally overnight, the onslaught of the holiday season. Loud and ubiquitous countdowns to Hanukkah (32 days!) and Christmas (50 days!) hound us via every possible outlet. This frenetic holiday energy

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THE OCTOBER ISSUE: Getting into the Spirit

We officially entered Autumn 2015 last week, and Fall's theatrics debuted right on schedule. The leaves have been turning brilliant hues that span the color spectrum, and there's that subtle yet perceptible crispness in the air; these are palpable and undeniable reminders that the times they are a changin'. I'm not one of the many who gleefully greets either change or sweater weather with open arms; I love feeling the Summer sunshine on my shoulders, and I know that a bitter Winter awaits on the

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THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE: Getting Schooled in an Academic State of Mind

In eight years of living here, New York City's streets have "schooled" me. I've learned that an empty subway car is usually that way for a reason; that tourists will always, always block your direct path to anywhere; and that my life lies somewhere in the balance between Uptown's polish and Downtown's grit. While I didn't receive my formal studies here, the School of Hard Knocks has done a pretty efficient job of stretching my capabilities and potential. For those seeking higher education, there

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The daily walking commute from my Greenwich Village apartment to NYSOM's offices in SoHo is a submersion into sensory overload. If I'm lucky, the bright sun shines down on my shoulders; if I'm not, I'm spritzed with a muggy, rainy mist. On one block, the sweet scent of lilies for sale outside the corner bodega beckons, and then I turn the corner and am met with the stench from trash bags — sometimes referred to with equal amounts of affection and disdain as "garbage juice" — lining the street

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The November Issue: Building on, and because of, the Past

The history of a place informs everything. The past inevitably, if unwittingly, paves the way for the future, sometimes improbably and without clear segues. Take for instance Buffalo, once the richest per capita city in the United States, which prospered greatly during the manufacturing and shipping-driven age of the late-19th and early-20th centuries due to its location on the banks of Lake Erie and the Erie Canal. Until very recently — and with some lingering skepticism — general public

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New York: Good, Bad, and So Bad It's Good

Today marks a milestone for New York States of Mind — we’re officially a year old. In the countdown to our launch last year, my co-founder, Silda, and I joked a lot about how founding a company was like having a child: full of anticipation that builds during a nesting period, rife with intense anxiety on virtually every level, and, ultimately, overwhelmed by utterly biased pride at the beauty of our baby. (We also like to think that, objectively, it has turned out to be something that plays

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