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Fifty Shades of...Green: The April 2014 Issue

New York’s brashness expresses itself in many ways, and colors are no exception. Deep red defines our signature apples, roses and Cornellians. Athletes and fans alike don the Dutch-roots orange of the Mets and Syracuse University. Navy blue pinstripes line the Yankees’ home game uniforms. And that garish taxi cab yellow can be spotted from a mile away. But where’s the green? Everywhere, as it turns out. Today, April 1, marks NYSOM’s six month anniversary, and also the launch of a new issue. Our New York “Green” State of Mind installment shares the stories of New Yorkers who color the State with green — both lower- and uppercase "G" — ideas in at least 50 different metaphorical hues. New York’s horticultural innovators — at SUNY Canton, Vassar, Cornell and beyond— reinvigorate the State's agricultural heritage with new Green approaches. The Greenhorns of the Hudson Valley help rookie farmers gain their footing on new turf. In Brooklyn’s repurposed Navy Yard, a manufacturer recycles (green) windshield glass as raw material for countertops; that’s a green/Green amalgamation at its best. Then there’s that annual equivocation of green with the rites of Spring: verdant parsley decorates the Passover Seder plate (April 14 and 15) and emerald plastic grass fills the Easter basket (April 20). And don't forget Mother Earth; her big day is April 22. Here’s to looking at the world through your shade of green-tinted glasses.   From New York City, Christine  

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