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The March Issue: A Show of Strength

When your state is brazenly dubbed the "Empire," you have to walk the walk. The origins of that renowned moniker are somewhat dubious, but some suggest George Washington himself originated the reference (writing in a letter that New York City was "at present the Seat of the Empire") in 1785 — three years before we were granted statehood. It's a name we were born to and, by my assessment, have grown largely to deserve. With the arrival of March, we launch our "Strong State of Mind" issue. Not only is this the time to rouse a steely-minded resolve to persevere through the lingering winter chill (spring arrives in 15 days-too-long and counting), but it's also a moment to reflect on our might, and our survival through to another season. This month we examine the many interpretations of strength: our audaciously towering skyscrapers; our landmarks erected and also rebuilt and reenforced after tragedy strikes; the composite of our hometowns that, each in their way, make the State what it is; and the heart of being a New Yorker, whatever that means to you, so validating. And it's no coincidence that we celebrate strength coinciding with Women's History Month. I would be remiss not to mention physical strength: they say summer bodies are made in the winter, but that's another matter entirely. Let me know when it's 70 degrees outside. From New York City, Christine

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