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The May Issue: Celebrating Change

Last month was one of real change. As with every April, I reluctantly turned another year older. It's interesting and amusing to reflect on what's different, what remains to be accomplished, and -- most of all -- how terrifyingly fast 12 months speed by. At NYSOM, we celebrated a birthday, too: on April 1 we turned six months old. Like any child, NYSOM is the apple of its parents' eye; a thing of beauty even when mistakes are made and growing pains wreak havoc. We're having a great time, and expect a dazzling future. Now we've arrived at May, a time of celebrated transitions. The flowers are blooming, and the sunlight shines bigger and brighter. School ends and summer vacation (read: family road trips) begins. Graduates don cap and gown, with their minds set on the next chapter: whether that means matriculating to college or grad school, entering the job market, or taking time off, never are the varying states of mind manifested in more blatant ways. This month, we're telling stories that focus on each of those shifts. Before I sign off, I leave you with this PSA: next Sunday, May 11 is Mother's Day. There's no better way to celebrate your "NY MOM" with a gift from NYSOM, and we've pulled together a Mother's Day Gift Guide just for you. New products and merchants are added to the New York States of Mind Marketplace every week, including recent addition The Foal Project. Photographs shot by Lisa Miller capture the moment that a mare and foal first connect; it'll make Mom's day (and after all, it IS her day). From New York City, Christine

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