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The February Issue: Cozying Up to New York

I'm rarely happier than when I wake up on a cold, grey winter weekend morning and realize that I can fall back asleep to the sounds of falling rain, or to the rich quiet produced by a blanket of snowfall. It's oh-so-cozy. And here we are in February, a month defined by chilly temperatures outdoors and warm intimacy indoors brought on by Valentine's Day (or "Gal-entine's Day" for the single female cohorts out there). Of the many ways to snuggle into the final month of winter, our "New York 'Cozy' State of Mind" issue invokes many of our favorites: romantic getaways in the Hudson Valley, indulgences in the State's best chocolate (fondue, anyone?), and ways to escape the frigid temperatures in all parts of New York. So cuddle up, watch a dreamy set-in-New York film, eat some made-in-New York chocolates, nuzzle a crafted-in-New York snuggle buddy, and read our Magazine each weekday to get inside the 'cozy' states of mind of fellow New Yorkers. And tell us what YOU love about New York on social media using hashtag "#NYSOM."   From New York City, Christine