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Introducing New York States of Mind: A Love Story

New York is the love of my life.

I've spent the better part of a decade running around the state like a mad woman in search of the most sumptuous food, utterly arresting vistas, surprisingly delightful experiences that run counter to my personal interests (see: fly fishing) and people who will profoundly affect my life. To say that it has been nothing short of the greatest adventure is an understatement. The journey remains long, inviting and enticing, and I'm eager to keep going.

Silda Wall Spitzer and I have been close friends and colleagues for years, and it was her ingenious idea to create this single platform for sharing the stories of New Yorkers: people who may live hundreds of miles apart, or, conversely, next door to each other; who are different in every conceivable facet, and yet who all call New York home.

We co-founded New York States of Mind to explore and celebrate what it means to be a New Yorker, to find the ties that bind, no matter your rubric. Life is rarely black and white, and we seek to investigate the grey area — the states, plural, of mind — where the substance lies. Indubitably, there is more than one way of addressing a single issue, from matters of taste (which wines delight the palate) to more controversial quality-of-life concerns (to frack or not to frack). Our mission is not to cast judgment, but rather, to present a number of paradigms that may not have been considered or juxtaposed previously.

In our inaugural issue, the "New York 'Spirited' State of Mind," we explore the connotations of "spirit." Our month kicks off with a bang: watch our conversation with Milton Glaser, designer of the "I Love NY" logo and co-founder of New York Magazine; he is the embodiment of the New York spirit. It is the first of many monthly discussions we'll be having with New Yorkers who have made an impressive mark on both their fields and New York.

Each new day we will unveil a new article or two, told by writers located throughout the 12 regions of New York State, and covering six major states of mind: Celebrate, Curate, Decorate, Epicurate, Innovate and Recreate. We'll discuss the comedic spirits of Borscht Belt comedians, the other-worldly spirits with whom the mediums in Lily Dale commune, the best retreats for transcendental spiritualism, Oktoberfest-worthy spirits-drinking spots, and, of course, all of the Halloween-y delightful, frightful spirits New York has to offer.

As New York States of Mind (lovingly referred to by our team of five as "NYSOM") grows, we hope you'll be inspired by the stories of New York innovation, benevolence, perseverance and unlimited talent. We hope you'll step outside into your wider backyard and delve into all that the State has to offer, from mountains to beaches and everything in between. And we certainly expect you to melt at the goodness of an exceptional meal or two.

Experience our states of mind, and share yours.

In gratitude, Christine

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