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NEW YORK MAKERS Marketplace and Magazine celebrates the people, places, experiences, products, and ideas that define New York State. Through our travels, we unearth the creatives and their communities, while promoting local sustainability and statewide connectivity.

Our Marketplace offers a curated selection of beautifully designed, locally created items from across the state.

Our Magazine explores a different “New York State of Mind” theme each month, featuring related behind-the-scenes stories of New York makers, movers and shakers, travels, events and activities, DIY projects, recipes, real estate, current and historic issues, and more.

Co-founded by Silda Wall Spitzer, former First Lady of New York State, NewYorkMakers.com is the first-of-its-kind statewide digital marketplace and magazine offering the ability to access the statewide gifts of New York in one place, 24/7.