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The December Issue: Seeking Enlightenment in Many Forms

Eight days of Hanukkah. Twelve days of Christmas. And, as of today, three issues of New York States of Mind Magazine. October brought us the New York SPIRITED State of Mind, and November the New York OUTSTANDING State of Mind. Now we launch into December's New York ENLIGHTENED State of Mind. Given December's association with lights — candles in the menorah, strings on the Christmas tree, fireplaces both real and fake (we're looking at you, Yule Log) — the connection is fairly obvious. However, light in general and "enlightenment" in particular, has as many interpretations as refractions through a crystal. In this issue, we probe beyond the month's dominant Christian narrative to explore religious identity and the quest for higher purpose through the paradigm of some of New York's unorthodox spiritual groups. We step through the looking glass into the world of children's books and the illumination of young minds through literary education. You'll be surprised to discover how many universally classic storybooks were written by New Yorkers (we get to claim "The Wizard of Oz" and "The Secret Garden" among others), and you may just be inspired to revisit these treasures around the fire during chilly winter days. There are virtually endless stories of innovative New Yorkers for whom a lightbulb went off — quite literally in some cases — and we celebrate those achievements. We'll also shed some light on the murkiness of holiday gift giving — it's not too late to send a Hanukkah present, and Christmas is only 22 days away.

Have questions? Comments? Story ideas we should cover? Drop me a line at CMurphy@NewYorkStatesOfMind.com.

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