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SWEET | New York Makers Share Their Favorite Statewide Sweet Spots

SWEET | New York Makers Share Their Favorite Statewide Sweet Spots

Photo: Gram’s Diner

Even though February technically is the shortest month, the drag of winter makes it start to feel long. Break out of the doldrums by discovering a new “sweet spot.” Members of our New York Makers network shared their regional favorites with us, to help aid in your explorations all year long. Life is sweet -- enjoy it!


“We are spoiled in Rochester because there are so many amazing places to discover. We love Watkins Glen and exploring the gorge in Letchworth State Park. It’s hard to believe that such bizarre (and oftentimes otherworldly) geological features can be found right in our own backyard. In addition to the striking beauty these places offer, our favorite place has to be Stone Beach on Canadice Lake (the highest elevation, and smallest overall, of the Finger Lakes) -- we love the quiet solitude that it offers. It's the type of place that reveals its beauty more slowly and subtly.”

Jono and Erin, Squirrel Hill Design and Craft

Watkins Glen. Photo: Squirrel Hill Design and Craft 


“My favorite sweet spot is just up the road from me on the Helderberg Escarpment, Thacher State Park, which I love not only for its hiking, winter sports, and romantic picnic spots, but also for its unique geology, fascinating history, and glorious views of the entire Capital Region.”

Adam, Roosevelt Grooming Co.



“By far, the best sweet spot in Western New York is Fowler’s Chocolates in Buffalo. I’ve never met anyone who could eat just one piece of their incredible sponge candy.”

David, Oxford Pennant

Photo: Fowler’s Chocolates



“Our sweet spot is Gram’s Diner in Adams, NY. Locally owned and operated, Gram’s serves up delicious food and amazing community love.”

Paul and Deanna, Zoar Tapatree


“One of my favorite places is Blooming Hill Farm, in Blooming Grove, where we go to buy vegetables and have brunch.”

Aaron, VUFF



“Looking ahead to the warm summer months...I am looking forward to getting back into the majestic (and chilly) off-the-beaten-track swimming holes in the Adirondacks. They are the BEST!” [Editor’s Note: Shhhh!!! Don’t tell everybody!]

Erin, Erin Hall Studio


“We love Cafe Bark, a dog friendly cafe and boutique just a block away from our home in Manhattan. We love everything: the ambiance, friendly staff, great selection of coffees and teas, pastries and treats for dogs and humans, and amazing products for dogs and pet parents -- including awesome jewelry for pets!”

Konstantin, Little L's

Photo:  Cafe Bark



“My favorite sweet spot in our little city of Kingston is Village Coffee and Goods. Village is right downstairs from my studio and serves as both a gathering place for the community and a great spot for delicious bites and coffee. It is owned by an amazing Australian couple who are super committed to keeping everything local to the Hudson Valley area. From the produce to the handmade pottery, cabinets, and art on the walls, Village showcases many local farms and makers' work for display and for sale.”

Korina, Eighth Belle


“My favorite NY sweet spot would be the Port Jefferson Beach on the Long Island Sound. It’s beautiful and peaceful – the perfect spot to sit back in a beach chair, enjoy a cocktail, and watch the sun set. I have pictures to prove it!”

Jessica, GioGio Design



"The Sweet Praxis in Syracuse is an amazing bakery owned by Natalie Evans and Jennifer Walls. I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie and Jen and tasting their amazing lavender French macarons at a craft show we were both participating in years ago. I remember them sharing that the lavender had come from a local farm, and it was the first time I had actually tasted (rather than smelled) lavender. These two women took their passion for sharing their unique baked goods, and turned it into their own bakery where their customers can enjoy all they have to offer in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere."

— Erin, Grey Fox Felting

Photo: Sweet Praxis

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