About Zoar Tapatree

Zoar Tapatree in Rodman, NY
New York maker of Tapatree Taste Tube Trio with Maple Presentation Set, Unofficial Field Guide to American Maple Syrup, Whole Maple Syrup for Coffee, Whole Maple Syrup for Tea. Founder: Paul Haldeman

Paul Haldeman, a retired military officer and life-long syrup-maker, and Deanna Nelson, a lawyer by trade, are rural neighbors in Rodman, New York, and partners in their business, Zoar Tapatree.

In a world of fast-processing and anonymous provenance, Zoar Tapatree has taken the road less traveled. Their syrups have been made from the trees on their 400+ acres of farm in Rodman, NY. Nestled on the edge of the Tug Hill Plateau, their trees benefit from deep alluvial soils, and a blanket of lake effect snowfall from the Great Lakes. It's not what they put into their syrups, it's what they don't take out. They don't use reverse osmosis, which strips saps to concentrate sugar. They don't use high-pressured filtration, which strips out minerals to improve clarity. They don't use vacuum sap-extraction, which pulls sap from the trees. It's just their trees, and an extra amount of time and artistry. The result is simply delicious.


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