About Little L's

Lenny Forde and Kostas Augenberg founded Little L's after they began searching for their own, locally-sourced, homemade and safe alternative to jerky. Their dogs, twin sisters Lilly and Lulu played an important role in development of krak’ems, mainly testing the taste and crunchiness on every step.

Krak'ems are a more flavorful, crunchy and safe alternative to conventional jerky dog treats. Conventional dehydrators do not kill all harmful bacteria, while oven-dehydrated meat treats are much safer. Also, unlike conventional jerky, which is "chewy," krak'ems are more brittle and crunchy. It is that addictive crunch that delights most dogs when they munch on krak'ems, and drives them crazy. Hence, we call these treats "krak'ems" (some dog bloggers and parents call them also "puppy crack").

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