About Oxford Pennant

"Do one thing and do it really well.” Such is the modus operandi of David Horesh, Brett Mikoll and Pat Simons, the Buffalo-based trio behind Oxford Pennant, who have achieved their mission in superlative fashion.

In trying to determine where their careers would take them, David and Brett tossed around some ideas over drinks in 2013. The two decided to disrupt the pennant market, which is largely dominated by stiff synthetic flags made for professional sports teams. In their quest to develop a better product, the two created the first batch of wool and cotton pennants featuring city names rather than athletic clubs. Their website launched within a month of registering the domain name in the hopes of selling to friends in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Their unconventional “go, ready, set” attitude succeeded beyond their wildest imaginings and Oxford Pennant now boasts more than 40 different pennants of their own invention, as well as numerous custom orders.

The simple and classic compositions are artful, eye-catching and harken to an earlier era. While some motifs are emblazoned with modern phrases like “Hustle” and “I wanna be like Kanye,” it’s hard to look at an Oxford Pennant and not feel a sense of nostalgia for halcyon days spent at summer camp and trans-America car trips taken with family. The pennants' ability to conjure these emotions epitomize Oxford Pennant's magic; they have created this product and done it very, very well.

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