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FAMILY | August 2017: New York "Family" State of Mind

FAMILY | August 2017: New York "Family" State of Mind

August is traditionally the time for family vacations, time spent together. My view of family goes beyond my relatives to include a wider circle. Have you ever hosted a “family” holiday gathering and half of the room is made up of friends who are always there for you? Or taken a trip with your college best friends? Of course, they are family, too.

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Opening our doors and widening our circles, family is about those who care to laugh, cry, listen, be heard, and most importantly, to remind us that we are not alone, that there is a whole flock behind, and in life with, us. For example, makers will attest to the importance of family writ large — parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, best friends and neighbors are often the first to buy maker-made handmade jewelry, felted animals, or porcelain vases. They attend craft markets and snap proud photographs of us makers behind our booths. (When I was still making jewelry, my mom and aunts would attend the shows I worked and not only shop from my collection, but also buy my friends’ creations, too.)

Makers are also often family working together. Sometimes it’s the whole family, like Crown Maple. Sometimes spouses run companies together, such as New York Makers Cecilia and Richard of frittelli & LOCKWOOD, Hadas and Jay of Jay Teske Leather Co., Tricia and Micah of Trim Candles, Melanie and Justin of Vegetabowls, and our August “Maker of the Month” Debbie and Harold of Smock, who enjoy bringing their children to work (future printers?!). And sometimes family makers carry on from one generation to the next, just as our very own Will Moses of Mt. Nebo Gallery was inspired as Grandma Moses’ great-grandson.

Smock’s Harold and daughter Stella at Boxcar Press. Photo from Instagram by @haroldkyle

Whatever our “family”, whether makers or not, there is so much to choose from to do in New York during this special month. Stay tuned for ideas for places to go, things to do -- including an easy recipe with which to celebrate time together.

So, here’s to August and being in a “Family” State of Mind. Gather your brood, and family of friends, and venture out to enjoy Summer’s last official month. Get out and explore together, make memories, grow closer...maybe even start a business?!