About Crown Maple

Crown Maple's story begins with Robb and Lydia Turner's desire to find a snug rural retreat to call their own. Focusing their search in the Hudson Valley, a place that Robb fondly remembered from his days at West Point, the couple eventually stumbled upon what was to become Madava Farms: 800 acres of pristine, sustainably managed land nestled in the heart of Dutchess County.

The decision to build what would become the largest maple syrup production facility in North America wasn't exactly planned, however. Needing a new entrance to the property, Robb hired a local engineer to build a bridge over a trout stream, which improbably sparked a conversation about maple sugaring. Inspired, the Turners conducted a year and a half of research with the aid of Cornell University's Uihlein Sugar Maple Research and Extension Field Station, as well as local foresters and leading equipment manufacturers. Their goal was to create a maple syrup production process that set a new industry standard for purity, energy efficiency and quality.

Since 2010, Crown Maple's syrup has been crafted from sap produced by Madava Farms' sustainably managed sugar and red maple trees. These particular tree species produce the sweetest sap on the planet and, combined with the Hudson Valley's temperatures and terrain, make it possible for this family-owned company to produce distinct and versatile products. Perhaps you'll drizzle its Light Amber syrup over a warm dessert, or use its Medium Amber syrup when baking. Maybe you'll become hooked on Crown Maple's Dark Amber syrup as a delicious alternative to sugar in your coffee, or as the sweetening agent to balance out your favorite cocktail. From bark to bottle, from pantry to plate, the Turners impart a gourmet culinary experience as pleasing to the palate as it is true to its natural origins.

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