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GREEN | April 2018: New York "Green" State of Mind

GREEN | April 2018: New York "Green" State of Mind

As I sit down to gather my thoughts on the new month, snow softly falls outside. Everything is white, and not yet green, on April 2nd, although this is not unusual in the Northeast. It’s symbolic of this month of transition, as was the Blue Moon or “Sap Moon” (maple syrup lovers, can you guess why it’s called that?) on the night of March 31st...winter’s (hopefully) last hurrah as we enter into a new season, the “green” slowly sprouting new beginnings.

April is a time to grow, to “clear the air”, to refocus on ways to improve our circular relationships with nature, others, and ourselves. New York Makers will be doing quite a bit of growing, too, enhancing our platform, both in the digital and physical worlds. Fresh off of announcing our first New York Makers Market, which will be held in Sharon Springs, New York, on Memorial Day Weekend as part of Beekman 1802 and the town of Sharon Springs’ Garden Party, we are overwhelmed with the excitement of connecting makers from all corners of the state and watching what opportunities may grow from the gathering.

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And speaking of celebrating things that grow, many of our makers are helping to “grow” New York State’s agriculture-related economy, so April is the perfect month to shine a spotlight on those small businesses and their social entrepreneurship. Agriculture is significant to our economy; just looking at our fruits, it’s no wonder the apple, our signature fruit crop, is a recognized icon around the world. New York is also a top national producer of grapes (we like wine here!), and produces plenty of cherries and peaches, as well. Here's a list of in-state farmers markets to visit this Spring so you can help support what grows here, too!

Farmers Market Must-Haves

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By the time I strike the last key, the snow will have melted, and from beneath, the brown-greenish earth will have revealed itself, inching one day closer to a richer verdant hue. So whether you plan to spend Earth Day (Sunday, April 22nd) at the Allegany State Park or Arbor Day in Oyster Bay on Long Island (Friday, April 27th), enjoy transitioning with us this April into a “Green” New York State of Mind.


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