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BLOOMING | May 2018: New York “Blooming” State of Mind

BLOOMING | May 2018: New York “Blooming” State of Mind

A few days ago, I strolled through Central Park after a meeting on an overcast and brisk day, admiring the cherry blossoms in bloom and the other park visitors treasuring the same Spring glory. For all our mostly delightful differences, I sensed our common desire for warmth, daylight, and the return of nature’s color. Maybe it’s The Secret’s message (thoughts can change the world directly), which I take to heart, or maybe it’s just a typical sign of the season, but on the 1st of May we were gifted with all three.

Central Park in bloom

From a “Green” to “Blooming” state of mind is a smooth cerebral transition, and my personal favorite of the calendar year. Last month in New York Makers Magazine, we covered some interesting New York “Green” topics, from the tiny home movement to the celebrated rise of sustainable farm-breweries. With “Blooming”, our editorial team will have the opportunity to share statewide stories of various forms of efflorescence (blooming, that is).

May is also a month of celebrations. Mother’s Day on the 13th, Memorial Day on the 28th, weddings and many graduations sparking new beginnings in between. One of the more exciting projects on which we have been working will be happening at the end of the month (May 26 & 27) in Sharon Springs: Beekman 1802’s Garden Party. New York Makers will be curating its first New York Makers Market there. We’d love for you to join us, partake in festival fun, eat, drink, shop, meet several of our makers, and enjoy workshops led by them. We look forward to saying hello!

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And so I leave you with this: As New Yorker and renowned horticulturist Liberty Hyde Bailey once said, “A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” A testament to the industriously alive tone of the marvelous month of May!

Get in a “Blooming” State of Mind! Here are a few must-see New York State flower festivals:

Cherry Blossom Festival in Buffalo, May 2 - 6

Lilac Festival in Rochester, May 11 - 20

Annual Tulip Festival in Albany, May 12 & 13

Did you know the state flower of New York is the rose?!