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August is National Peach Month

In search of lunch yesterday, we were stopped in our tracks in front of Num Pang Sandwich Shop. Bright pink and green letters on their sidewalk menu board encouraged us to try their special summer peach sandwich. Since August is national peach month (and since we honor tradition here at NYSOM) we had to give the sub a try. Our experience? A sweet and spicy sub composed of hand-cut crispy bacon, thick slices of caramelized peaches, scallions, jalapenos, spicy mayo and traditional Num Pang fixings (cucumber, shredded carrot, cilantro). It’s safe to say the stop was worth it, and that we might honor tradition every day for the remainder of this month.
That’s the beauty of the peach in its prime — the fruit can play both sweet and savory roles in nearly every recipe. Though New York cannot claim sole ownership of the perfect peach (we’ll leave that rivalry to Georgia and South Carolina), the State is home to some chefs and restaurants that are creating incredible products with this pitted treat. Food Network chef Ted Allen recently shared his pasta salad featuring tomatoes and peaches with Edible Brooklyn. The salad pairs two of summer’s most sumptuous fruits with smoked mozzarella to create a sweet, saucy pasta dish. Of course, there’s also a fantastic peach brandy made in Dutchess County by Dutch’s Spirits, a key player in our Hudson Valley Audubon Cocktail (part of Friday’s #NYSOM Happy Hour series). Bubby’s, the TriBeCa diner and an American classic, praises Tivoli’s Migliorelli Farm for their peaches which star in Bubby’s famous pies. Meanwhile, the Beekman Boys are reaping ripe rewards this season with homemade cilantro syrup. Perhaps we’ll get to learn the Sharon Springs secret recipes soon….

Enjoy the all-too-brief taste of the New York peach this month. There are two weeks left to celebrate national peach month (and exactly two weeks left to get to Num Pang to try this peach sandwich for yourself!).

Photo: "Peach-Vanilla Butter - Peaches" by Rebecca Siegel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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