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BLOOMING | May 2017: New York “Blooming” State of Mind

BLOOMING | May 2017: New York “Blooming” State of Mind

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. In other words, we all start somewhere, even somewhere small. Or as Silda, our Publisher, repeated to me a few weeks ago, after meeting and chatting with Matt Stinchcomb, a founder of Etsy, “It all starts at the table.” The point of origin, and continual growth, is a table. So don’t worry, you are already doing it right!  

The first, and most obvious, type of “blooming” that happens in May is that of flowers. If you are based in NYC, or planning a visit, you can stumble upon them, stretching their “stems” from a long winter, by using this guide. How about a trip to Albany to catch the action? On May 13-14, the Albany Tulip Festival takes place in Washington Park. According to them, you will have a chance to see “more than 140,000 tulips in 150 different varieties.” Brighten any day by admiring the beauty of blooming flowers — there is nothing quite like it!

Albany Tulip Festival. Photo Credit: Albany NY Events

The maturing month of May also brings about a coming of age movement year after year. Students all over the country prepare for the next chapter of their lives. If this experience is in the past for you, can you at least remember how exciting (and terrifying) leaving school behind was? Higher education and graduation, not to its’ fault, are somewhat designed to push the student to see the far-off future. “What do you want to do with your life?” “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” And so on. We say, it’s important to enjoy the process, the ups and downs, relish in the genius “spark” moments. Take a page from Buddha’s book: “Happiness is a journey and not a destination.”

"And So The Adventure Begins" Letterpress Card by Smock. Photo Credit: Smock

You know who else works behind the scenes to help us reach our true potential? Mom. She is our best cheerleader, leader-of-the-pack, (softy) boss-lady! A mother’s love cannot be measured — but you can show your love in return by “blossoming” in her honor. So remember: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14! 

NYC-Made "Mom" Engraved Women's Bracelet by Jook & Nona.

This month, be sure to check in to read our “blooming” stories. We hope to inspire you to follow each and every one of your dreams, however small or large!