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April 2017: New York "Green" State of Mind

April 2017: New York "Green" State of Mind

A Letter From Our Editor in Chief: We look forward to a month long Spring celebration of our "Green" State of Mind!

Little (unknown) fact: it is my favorite time of year. The anticipation of warmer weather, spending more time outdoors, longer days, the “green” returning to nature. What about that does not excite you?!

Coming up for (Spring) air! Photo Credit: New York Maker’s Marketplace Director Audra Herman

This month we celebrate a “green” state of mind — which encompasses not just the sprouts but an array of some scientifically complex topics such as renewable energy, biodiversity, electric airliners (what? have not heard about this yet?) and some not-so-complex like waste reducing, recycling, and the “shop and eat local” movements. Despite the current political climate -- no pun intended -- there are plenty of lifestyle changes that we can make at home, at work, and everything in between.

Let us talk a moment about “shopping and eating local.” It was not until the last eighty-or-so years that we had to call it that. Mass production is a new(ish) industry term. The demand increased (population) and in response, so did the supply. But now, in small pockets of communities throughout the country, we are beginning to understand the importance of local economy, and it is becoming easier and more accessible, in part thanks to farmers' markets and maker events, to show our support. Buying local is “green” in the sense that it eliminates the burden of long distance, frequent transport and creates a sustainable community. The team at New York Makers promotes exactly this, just on a digital platform. Our mission has always been to bring to light high-quality goods of local New York makers — from the studios of graphic designers and textile artists to the kitchens of pastaiolo(s) and even mixologists. Not-to-mention, several of our makers’ products are even “green” themselves!

And we also have a few other takes on our theme, including a New York county and a wee bit of dancing...

We are excited to share our April Magazine line-up with all of you. A preview of what stories to expect include, but are not limited: the opening of trout season in New York (which is today!), “green” restaurants in NYC, a feature of our “green” makers and products, “green” event design and production company Inward Point, Ecovative and the revolutionary way it is changing the packaging industry (Spoiler Alert: grows in the dark and loves dirt), and more!

I leave you with this.

New Yorker Laurie David, environmental activist and producer of An Inconvenient Truth, once said “Everybody has to look at his or her own footprint and do the best they can. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing something.”


Amanda DiRobella

Editor in Chief