GRATEFUL | Thanksgiving Shopping Guide

GRATEFUL | Thanksgiving Shopping Guide

Thanksgiving: The great gathering of family and friends, the overwhelming appreciation of not just one another but the blessings in life that we sometimes take for granted, and, of course, a tabletop of delicious savories and sweets for all to enjoy!

We’ve helped pick the perfect New York Makers’ products to go with your Thanksgiving celebrations. Browse our suggestions below:


Start your day with Beekman 1802’s Boozy Jam & Jelly Trio on morning toast.

Spread your overflowing cornucopia on this gorgeous Cherry Footed Serving Board.

Write a handwritten “Thank You” to each guest sharing a reason you are grateful for him/her.

Serve New York State Cabernet Franc sparkling in these locally-made handblown wine glasses as a perfect pairing with your turkey or tofurkey and homemade stuffing.

Sprinkle a little on this dish, a little on that. This sea salt duo happens to be our favorite, and we’re sure it will be yours, too.

Splash some Amber Color Maple Syrup to make a yummy maple-cranberry sweet potato dish.

Light this Fall Harvest candle for the rest of the house to compliment your kitchen aromas (great host/ess gift!) 

Write with the included chalk everyone's names on these concrete coasters to help all keep track of their drinks (another great host/ess gift!)

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