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SPIRITED | Hella Bitters' Fall-Inspired Spirits

SPIRITED | Hella Bitters' Fall-Inspired Spirits

The Old Fashioned. Photo credit: Hella Bitters

With the right recipe, and a little care, the difference in taste of a well-made cocktail can be transformative.

In 2011, Jomaree Pinkard, Tobin Ludwig, and Eduardo Simeon founded the New York City-based Hella Cocktail Company. It all began as a passion shared between friends. Looking back on their humble beginning, Jomaree remembers: “We were the type of guys that, instead of getting together on a Sunday to watch the ball game, would throw dinner parties, make pizza dough from scratch and craft our own bitters! It was fun and satisfying to take more control over the flavors we were cocktailing.” The passion took on a life of its own and soon they were in the bitters business.

Founders Tobin Ludwig (left), Jomaree Pinkard (center), and Eduardo Simeon (right). Photo credit: Hella Bitters

They’ve expanded a little bit since their days making bitters in mason jars out of their home kitchen. Today they offer a range of bitters, cocktail mixes, and craft-your-own-bitters kits which give you the opportunity to make your own bitters. If you have the patience, it takes 30 days to fully extract the qualities of many ingredients. But they’re not overthinking their product. “Hella is all about accessibility. We want our flavors to be appealing and useful to all cocktail and food-loving humans. That's why our flavor concepts are simple and not too niche.”

The exercise of making tinctures and extracts has a long history, going as far back as Ancient Egypt. And their uses have varied throughout the ages. During the first cocktail renaissance small batch bitters were as prominent in pharmacies as they were in cocktails. But in the aftermath of the Prohibition Era only a few brands have survived into the present day. Now, “Hella Bitters is a premium alternative to those historically mass-produced and low-grade bitters. Our extracts are all natural and perfectly balanced. It's this versatility and user-friendliness that make them the perfect aromatic ingredient for cocktails and food.”

Jomaree, Tobin, and Eduardo have been making their own bitters and cocktails together for over decade now so who better to teach you how to keep your spirits and sodas in the right proportions than these guys?

Photo credit: Hella Bitters

Without further ado then, here are the Bitter Boys’ recommendations for Fall-Inspired cocktails (or mocktails by eliminating the alcohol) that will keep you full of spirits:


This quintessential and storied cocktail has infinite variations, many inspired by regional ingredients. When mixed properly this drink is delightfully well balanced. There's ritual and patience required for making a perfect Old Fashioned.


  •   2 oz McKenzie Rye Whiskey
  •   1 large sugar cube or 1 tsp sugar
  •   3 dashes Hella Aromatic Bitters
  •   2 dashes Hella Orange Bitters

Add sugar and bitters to a rocks glass. Wait up to 30 seconds so bitters can saturate and soften sugar. Muddle well. Add whiskey and stir gently until most of the sugar is dissolved. Add enough ice to stick out above the liquid. Stir again for 8-10 seconds. For garnish, take a nice thick slice of orange peel and roll it in your fingers skin side down over the drink, expelling its essential oils. Stick the peel into the glass vertically.


Photo credit: Hella Bitters

You're only as good as the company you keep, and we'll always choose to align ourselves with the very best. This cocktail was invented by Hella Bitters’ very own Tobin Ludwig.



Photo credit: Hella Bitters

Don't over complicate it. Whole ingredients make better cocktails. Our Moscow Mule Mix uses pure cane sugar, ginger puree, and tart lime juice, so it's the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and spicy. Points for presentation always awarded!



Buy the Hella Bitters' ingredients needed for the recipes above here:

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