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NEWS | Sneak Peek into The New York Botanical Garden 2020 Orchid Show

NEWS | Sneak Peek into The New York Botanical Garden 2020 Orchid Show

All photographs were taken by and are the property of New York Makers

New York Makers got a behind-the-scenes look at what is ahead for The Orchid Show, which will open on February 15 and run through April 19 in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at The New York City Botanical Garden (“NYBG”). 

This, the 16th year of one of NYBG’s most popular events, will spotlight Jeff Leatham, “artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris and floral designer to the stars,” and his kaleidoscopic vision of color created with “thousands of orchids — both rare and iconic — from the Garden’s renowned collections and the finest growers in the world.”

From show-stopping grand dames

To some of the smallest orchids in the collection (if you look closely, the tiny blooms are the same as their larger counterparts!)

To the remarkable and endangered Darwin’s Orchid

(Check out the remarkable story of how Charles Darwin predicted the existence of a moth evolved with the extraordinarily long proboscis needed to pollinate this orchid. Yes, it was later discovered to exist!)

An heirloom Vandopsis Gigantea, inspiration for a new fragrance to be unveiled for purchase in the NYBG gift store during The Orchid Show.

Intricately architected Lady Slipper orchids galore

Every color in the spectrum

Thank you Carrie Rebora Barett, CEO and President, and Mark Hachadourian, Curator of Orchids, for an early morning look at the NYBG’s thousands of greenhouse plants germinating, growing, and even blooming despite the temperatures outside. No better way to start a Brand New NY winter day!

Mark Hachadourian, Curator of Orchids. Follow Mark on Instagram.

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