BRAND NEW | Shining a Light on Hudson Valley Wine

BRAND NEW | Shining a Light on Hudson Valley Wine

“The Hudson Valley holds bragging rights as the birthplace of American wine. If you did not know, you are not alone.” begins the Introduction to this fascinating volume spotlighting a craft and industry typically associated with other regions of New York, such as the Finger Lakes or Long Island.

Hudson Valley Wine: A History of Taste & Terroir (American Palate), published in July 2017 and co-written by Tessa Edick and New York Maker Magazine’s frequent contributor Kathleen Willcox, is well worth a look as 2019 winds down and the decade of 2020 roars ahead. Part history, part wine trail guide, and part recipe book, this book serves up unappreciated tales of terroir, winemaking, and the perseverance and grit on which our country was founded: “The winemaking industry in the Hudson River Valley Region has survived wars, pestilence and Prohibition to become one of the most innovative and versatile wine regions in the world.” The awards are finally starting to catch up with pride and dedication.

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As residents in or near the area, Edick and Willcox have done extensive research to provide a useful volume of resources full of local insights and information. January is National Book Month so spend some time in a comfy chair to enlighten yourself, then take yourself on a short trip to the Hudson Valley to discover the magic in its wine scene firsthand.

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