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OUT-OF-OFFICE | August 2019: New York "Out-Of-Office" State of Mind

OUT-OF-OFFICE | August 2019: New York "Out-Of-Office" State of Mind

View of the Hudson River from Hutton Brickyards in Kingston

With contributions from Silda Wall Spitzer, CEO + Publisher of New York Makers

All photographs were taken by and are the property of New York Makers

Before the hustle of September consumes our schedule, we hope you are taking time off for an “Out-Of-Office” State of Mind this month to travel, read a book, make something with your hands, reset. It’s good — no, essential! — to find space to get away.

Visit a New York winery like the Thousand Islands Winery

New York State offers incredibly vast and plentiful places to explore and experiences to discover in your free time. You probably know that already, but do you go there?!  We have campsites under the spruce trees of the Adirondacks, swimming holes with magical waterfalls in the Catskills, music and art to listen to and see in the City, islands to hop on the St. Lawrence, vineyards to sip wine at in the Fingers Lakes, farm stands to stock up on in our central state, fresh seafood to devour on Long Island, racetracks to cheer at near the Capital, museums to visit in the Southern Tier, vibrant neighborhoods to discover in the west, jaw-dropping hikes to conquer in the Hudson Valley. And that’s just off the top of our head. Inspired now to take time off?! If you have not already made plans, it’s not too late for a quick escape.

Post up in a comfy cottage along Lake Ontario featured in our "Tiny Home, Green Living" story 

If you cannot literally be out of office this month, then take a break with New York Makers during lunch. Have fun reading our recently posted take on some New York’s inventors or dream about a new house while you check out some of our “Nest in New York” finds (we post a new set each month). Buy a pair of cool sunglasses and update yourself about how a New York-based technology is changing the world one pair at a time. Find an item or two to pamper yourself on our New York Makers Marketplace.  Order a signed copy of the most exquisitely beautiful book we have seen, Yoga: The Secret of Life, by acclaimed portraitist Francisco Mastalia and do a little armchair deep breathing —  better yet, stand up and stretch — and think grateful thoughts. When you get home, try the “Un-tuna Saladrecipe we have been devouring all summer —  or invite a few folks over and celebrate with a quick to make, wonderfully retro Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake (there are delicious reasons it’s a classic!). You don’t have to leave your chair to get away. And your work will be better for it.

Stop and see the wildflowers at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester

Wherever you may be this August, cherish every moment. If you need suggestions on where to go or what to do, we’re here for you. Enjoy the remaining days of the summer as much out-of-office as you can swing. New York’s treasures await you; even if you can’t roam, some of the best are just a click away!

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