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HUSTLE | September 2019: New York "Hustle" State of Mind

HUSTLE | September 2019: New York "Hustle" State of Mind

NYC "hustle"

“Hustle” is about movement, often associated with business, especially the way New York does it! This month, we are going to explore a “hustle” state of mind in different ways. First, we will set out to get into the determined minds of Lake Placid’s Ironman and other triathlon competitors — for which a super special kind of focus and force is required. Then, what about that eponymous dance -- you know, the one invented and made famous in New York City disco clubs in the 1970s. We’ll explore how what started out as a line dance with Latin-American roots evolved into a couples dance most synonymous with John Travolta and his role in Saturday Night Fever.

Press play to watch Van McCoy's "The Hustle"

We will also share the success story of self-made entrepreneurs Ashley Albert and Kevin Rodriguez of The Matzo Project. Not only did they build an innovative food brand (literally shook up the matzo market!) from the ground up, but they also have their hands in other New York-based projects too.

Ashley Albert of The Matzo Project

Makers are no strangers to hustling. Most of the ones we know are always busy making, maybe working a full time job too, selling at weekend markets and other events (and on our Marketplace)...pushing themselves to the limit in the name of their dreams. They have to remind themselves -- as we all do -- to take care of the basics, like getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, and feeding their souls with the small moments of gratitude and joy. So we will be looking into our archives to reshare for some of our ways to stay in top form -- though you can prepare yourself right now for restoring tired muscles with Willow & Birch Apothecary’s Spa Collection Gift Set and for restoring spirits with Francisco Mastalia‘s zen-beautiful portraits in Yoga: The Secret of Life.

Speaking of hustlers, we will be returning to join, along with an intimate roster of our makers, The Beekman Boys Josh and Brent in Sharon Springs September 14 + 15 in Sharon Springs for the 10th Annual Harvest Festival — one of our absolute favorite events! Josh, Brent, and their team work incredibly hard to produce this town-wide festival every year, and it never disappoints. They create an experience unlike any other, and we are so happy to be part of it. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Participants hustling to win the pie eating contest at last year's Harvest Festival

Lynne Della Pelle Pascale of Farmer Street Pantry will be vending with us again in our New York Makers Village at Harvest Festival

So much more...but we have to hustle along for now.

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