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March 2020: New York “Fierce” State of Mind

March 2020: New York “Fierce” State of Mind

Seneca Falls Convention 1848. Photo from Votes for Women

New York Makers is March(ing) into this month with a “Fierce” State of Mind. We have made it through the worst of what we would expect winter to be, despite the mildness of this one, though fingers crossed...March likes to bite us with intense weather tricks sometimes!

Did you know beginning March 1, New York State is banning single-use plastic bags...even though the state has announced it will ease up on enforcement until April 1? A bold move we fully support. Don’t forget to leave home without your reusable totes!

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This month New York Makers Magazine will be celebrating women by storytelling about fierce women (like highlighting a few women-led venture capital funds), for one. It’s Women’s History Month! Taken from a past New York Makers Magazine story, “The birth of the women’s movement took place in Seneca Falls [New York] in July 1848, when Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and 100 supporters signed the Declaration of Sentiments that issued the — at the time — revolutionary proclamation that ‘all men and women are created equal.’” Suffragette Susan B. Anthony, a New Yorker, having spent most of her life in Rochester, played a vital role in the persistent fight for women’s rights. We salute our rebellious sisters in history, because we would have a much smaller voice in the world today if not for them.

In addition, we profile two very hard-working maple farmers based in the fierce north country near the mighty St. Lawrence River, Deanna and Paul of Zoar Tapatree. Their story is fascinating and their approach to maple syrup is one we’ve never seen before. 

Ice fishing Chaumont Bay (Lake Ontario). Photo: Zoar Tapatree

We will also be sharing a guide to the wildest New York places chosen by Catherine of Lionheart Graphics, from Taughannock Falls to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks

March is a perfect month to get inspired to be brave and strong, so follow along as we spotlight a few of many passionate people we have the pleasure of knowing -- and start living your own fierceness!

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