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HOME | Haiku for New York State

HOME | Haiku for New York State

An antique map on display in Boldt Castle in the St. Lawrence River

New York Makers is proud to be the official publisher of Peter C. Goldmark, Jr.’s collection, “Haiku for New York State.” Going beyond the stretches of New York City, Goldmark invites us to explore his feelings and observations on other parts of his home, New York State.

H A I K U   F O R   N E W   Y O R K   S T A T E
By Peter C. Goldmark, Jr.
Adirondacks roll and stretch
As if space was infinite
In New York.

Two Great Lakes, canals cut by man,
Mohawk, Hudson,
Genessee, Champlain,

Long Island Sound, St. Lawrence Seaway –
Our circulatory system.

Veil of peace over
Creativity and enterprise –
Lake Placid.

Under the cold blanket
Of winter in Albany
They legislate.

Massing, gleaming, foaming,
Soaring, tumbling, thundering –


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