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Fall 2021: In a New York High-Yield State Of Mind

Fall 2021: In a New York High-Yield State Of Mind

A Note from Our Publisher

As the leaves start to change and summer months shift from long weekends and vacation to the harvests and back-to-work and school cycle begins once the Labor Day holiday ends, we find ourselves in a New York High-Yield State of Mind. And that’s not just hoping the stock markets continue to sustain record returns!

In a year when multiple weather extremes have left many farmers in other parts of the United States suffering, New York corn for grain and soybean production, among other crops, are on track for record production despite our local challenges. The Hudson Valley is one part of our state that is doing its part.

Fall also finds our makers working full on as they gear up for the holiday season. They are busy creating new items and building inventories, even as we at New York Makers set our holiday schedule and offerings even now. 

But “high yield” isn’t just about things. It is also about how we can be most efficient and effective with our work time and balance that with optimal use of our leisure time and internal regeneration so that we can sustain our productivity and creativity. So we remind you of how you can renew your “get up and go” with a special article from our archivestogether with some New York Makers products that can help you relax, restore, and spark joy in your senses.

We also revisit how you can make the most of a period when we still need to follow COVID considerations in our activities with a terrific article about fun things you can do in New York this fall, despite still needing to view the world through a socially distanced lens.

Wishing you great productivity and fulfillment as we embark on our new autumn season. It can be your highest yielding yet!


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