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HUSTLE | Renew Your Hustle!

HUSTLE | Renew Your Hustle!

Photograph by Francesco Mastalia from his book "Yoga: The Secret of Life". Purchase a signed copy here >>

Even the most determined hustlers among us have to refresh and recharge, but we forget. Here are a few reminders as you set your schedule for a busy fall.

Don’t forget the basics:


Getting enough sleep is (probably) most fundamental and, perhaps, most often ignored. Yet this has ramifications for our mental acuity, as well as physical ability and attitude to perform.

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Don’t forget to eat. Ridiculous, you think?! When you are in the middle of deadlines, it happens. You realize you have missed lunch or dinner, and you did not make time for breakfast. Food is energy for your body. And some foods are definitely better for you than others. Make a plan; don’t make it necessary to grab the first piece of pizza or submarine you see. Carry an energy bar or perhaps a piece of fruit in your briefcase, purse, car. Drink water, lots of it. Whether you sit behind a desk or labor outside, there are many healthful, readily accessible, and affordable options.


You don’t need to spend your life in a gym. Walk as much as you can. Learn a 5 minute exercise or yoga routine to do in the morning before you leave for work. Hike, swim, get outdoors on the weekends.


Whatever your source of spiritual strength, make sure and practice it. Take a few minutes to be grateful and mindful. Try meditating to calm your mind, breathe deeply and feel peace.  


Allow time for things you love, even if only for a few stolen minutes. Read a few pages from a book you want to read. Play music.

Illustration: Julianna Brazill


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To be the hustler you need to be and live to enjoy it, you have to keep your physical and mental well-being central to your life every day.

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