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August 2020: New York “Playful” State of Mind

August 2020: New York “Playful” State of Mind

Kinetic wind sculptures at Buffalo's Wilkeson Pointe 

This August, we’re lightening the mood and enjoying the remainder of the summer in a “Playful” State of Mind. 2020 has been a tough year...but knowing that serves as a reminder for us to take a “mental break”, even if for just a short period of time. Self-care is important, including being silly and blowing off some steam. And enjoying a few happy surprises. We are looking forward to sharing many amusing attractions for you all month long.

As a start, to help you play on New York Makers Marketplace this month, we are offering a special “thank you” for supporting our platform and our statewide community of makers with FREE SHIPPING. Use code FREESHIP at checkout for all of August. 

We actually began our fun early, launching the first-ever New York Makers Podcast at the end of July with the release of Making Sustainable Chocolate + Coffee featuring a conversation with a two longtime friends and New York makers, Daniel Maloney of Sol Cacao and Tony Ponte of Graziella Coffee Company, who talk about living their dreams, give advice to young potential makers, and share some of their challenges and new products (possibly including some collaborations mixing coffee and chocolate -- we cannot wait!). Stay tuned for our second maker podcast out later this month. We hope it will both delight and enlighten you. 

On the Magazine schedule for August, we will be sharing articles on Long Island-based backgammon board maker Jean-Michel Andriot (who claims to have never played backgammon in his life but makes exquisite game boards!) and a teenager who, with the help of her family, invented a Lake-George themed, family-friendly board game called The Silver Bay Game (which you can support now by making a pledge and get one of the first available sets later this year). And speaking of fun and games, we have prepared a listicle of our favorite old-fashioned ways to play -- like puppet making and flying a kite (Hint: you have to make them both!). 

Photo: Studio Jean-Michel

One of our makers knows a lot about play -- Michele Cahill of Pet Portrait Fun. Cahill is a professional dog trainer and a true friend to animals. She’s responsible for the Paint Your Own Pet Portrait DIY Kits on our Marketplace. We sat down with her virtually to talk business and finding joy during these times. 

Photo: Pet Portrait Fun

We have also been adding to our New York Makers Resource Center℠. Be sure to check out our Equality Matters and Maker Stories pages for the latest.

Hang in there -- we’re almost to the end of the year, and we still have some tricks up our sleeves! Keep it fun this August, we promise we absolutely will! 

Meet Darling, a newborn Guernsey calf ready to play!

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