About Graziella Coffee Company

Graziella Coffee Company in Brooklyn, NY
New York maker of Mitad Del Mundo whole bean coffee. Founder: Tony Ponte. 

The vision at Graziella is to make coffee approachable and informal, while using their platform to build community and facilitate change. As Graziella grows, so will their actions and impacts. 

"To tell the truth, this company was never created with the intention to compete with other brands to create the best or most exclusive coffee on the market. Everyone has their own preference; flavor, darkness of roast, and brew method. Some like it light and bright, others like it dark as charcoal. There is no right or wrong when it comes to how you take your cup. Coffee is a subjective experience. What you like is what you like. However, those sentiments change for us when it comes to supply chain. When the conversation shifts from how you take your cup to where the coffee comes from, the subjectivity goes out the window. For us, there is a right and wrong way to source coffee. What is right? Working with importers who are closely connected to and committed to the farms they source their coffee from. Importers who have boots on the ground in these countries, and know how much the farmers are being paid. What’s right is paying a premium price for coffee, not only because it tastes better, but because people put everything into cultivating this product that many of us consume and cherish every single day. The fact that it tastes great is a byproduct of the care these producers put into their coffees. Luckily for all of us, there exists a positive feedback loop. The happier the farmers and their help, the better the coffee tastes in cup. The better the coffee tastes in cup, the more money they can receive for their coffee on the market. The more money they receive, the happier they are. And the cycle continues. Here’s some good news - more participants enter this industry every day who believe that it is up to us, as roasters, to be very clear as to where we get our coffees from. It is also our job to educate the consumer in a way that inspires them to be willing to pay a premium for coffees sourced ethically." - Tony Ponte, founder of Graziella Coffee Company


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