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August 2016: A New York R&R State of Mind

August 2016: A New York R&R State of Mind

The dog days of summer have arrived, and, as usual, sooner than seem possible. Despite the countdown to the frenetic first day of school (which subconsciously affects even those of us who operate outside of the academic calendar), this final month of summer may actually be the single least busy time of the year. Commensurate with that, it's also the last chance to take a breath and brace yourself against all that remains in 2016: the arrival of chilly weather, a presidential election, major family holidays. Relax! Literally. What better moment to step into a New York "R&R" State of Mind?

Our summer-long theme of the New York "Family" State of Mind continues, with plenty of ideas for road trips to take together. August 25 marks the centennial of the National Park Service, but if you can’t make it to one of the NPS-managed sites there are many natural State wonders — think waterfalls (Yes! Waterfalls in New York!), swimming holes, hiking trails — worth visiting and likely located very near to you, no matter your corner of New York.

If you’re more of a glamper than a camper, or fully-committed to exploring the great indoors, New York abounds with retreats, spiritual spaces, museums (including some en plein air that I promise are worth the visit), and, best of all, wine trails. Our state is the nation’s largest producer of grapes outside of California and Washington, and New York vintners have cultivated their winemaking talents beyond the bottle and into such delightful products as wine ice cream(!). To learn more about all of these, check back here throughout the month for guides on ways to rejuvenate yourself.

And if you’re looking to zen out within the comfort of your own home, or to take a mental vacation while stuck at the office, nothing could be easier. We’ve selected a few products from our NewYorkMakers.com Marketplace that you can order with a few taps of your keyboard and which will transport you to more peaceful pastures from the instant they arrive on your doorstep. Here's a small sampling of our New York "R&R" State of Mind Collection:

Whether sitting by a campfire or in an overly-air conditioned office, this alpaca throw from the Hudson Valley's Alicia Adams Alpaca, envelops you in coziness (and is much more chic than a Snuggie):

Speaking of enveloping, the porcelain Envelope Vase from Queens' Romi Ceramics is the perfect artistic addition to any room, and a great way to display late-summer wildflowers:

A cup of tea cures many ills, and this Spa Specific Sampler from Long Island's SerendipiTea serves up six different blends, including one that is called "Zen." It's so relaxing to sip while wrapped in your alpaca throw as you meditate on your bouquet of flowers!

Shop many more R&R items in our Marketplace!

Whether you do it in person or virtually, breathe in deeply all that New York has to offer, and let it relax, restore, revitalize, renew, repair, and replenish you.

From New York City,

Christine Murphy
Co-Founder, COO and Editor in Chief

[Illustration by Lizzie Niemczyk for New York Makers.]

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