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April 2021: New York “Renewing” State of Mind

April 2021: New York “Renewing” State of Mind

Scenes from a walk at Olana in Hudson, NY

April is a truly magical month. The green returns to the landscape; we laze in longer days and stronger sunlight. We prepare our gardens and outdoor spaces, maybe take more walks and have the energy to be more active. All around us, life is regenerating in yet another calendar cycle, and things seem to be on a path of growth. We’re in a much different place this year with the COVID-19 pandemic -- here at New York Makers, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive our first rounds of the vaccine. We transition into spring in a “Renewing” State of Mind, grateful for nature’s gifts of renewal, and humanity’s, too. 

Being a business owner last year presented its challenges. While we saw a large number of businesses close for the foreseeable future, it has been hopeful to see some reopen, and many more new businesses emerge as well.

On the Magazine this month, we speak with Aviva Skye Tilson of Apis Apotheca, an organic farmer and herbalist based in the Hudson Valley, about her line of products made from organically and biodynamically grown herbs, flowers, and plants she tends and processes herself, then shares with the world in compostable packaging. We also sit down with Elyce Jacobson of Skinny Buddha to discuss how meeting her now business partner, health guru Shaka the King, changed the way she perceived wellness. Together they created Skinny Buddha, and their healthy food and exercise programs fuel the body and fill the soul. 

Zucchini Rollatini (raw zucchini ribbons filled with basil cashew ricotta topped with oven roasted tomato sauce) made by Skinny Buddha. Photo: Skinny Buddha

Spring is also a time for refreshing our homes and ourselves. We’ve created a beautiful spring collection on our Marketplace where you can find garden seeds, colorful hand blown glass, organic skincare products, spring-inspired scents, gorgeous paper flower bouquets, and more. Earth Day is April 20, and we think browsing the collection may peak your excitement!

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Follow along this April as we discover and share the stories within our maker community in a “Renewing” State of Mind.

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