About Apis Apotheca

Apis Apotheca in Elizaville, NY.
New York maker of Golden Milk Emulsifying Balm Cleanser, AlcheMist Barrier Function Optimizer, Resin Restructuring Oil Concentrate, Flower Sap Hydration Harmonizer, Dragon Balm Rich Firming Unguent, and Honey Mallow Replenishing Nectar Whip. Founder: Aviva Skye Tilson.

Apis Apotheca is not just a skincare brand. It is founded and run by farmers, herbalists, and educators who feel a duty to uphold traditions of equitable access to safe herbal medicine and knowledge. Aviva Skye Tilson, the creator, comes from a background in biodynamic and organic farming and is a certified community herbalist. 

Apis Apotheca products can be used by people of all skin types, and are especially safe for acne and eczema prone skin. Their simple, botanically infused line targets the 5 main concerns challenging blemish prone, (and therefore barrier damaged) skin: unbalanced skin microbiome, excess sebum oxidation, irregular desquamation, chronic inflammation, and inefficient wound healing.

Aviva has spent a decade healing herself through working with plants and animals and has always had an obsession with skincare. Through much trial and error, this line represents her combined years of field experience, academic research, and endless experimentation and provides the highest quality, most effective whole-plant based skincare available. 

Their new farm in New York’s stunning Hudson Valley is high on a hill facing the Catskill Mountains, with deep, mineral rich, loamy soil that supports trillions of healthy micro-organisms in balance. This healthy soil grows healthy plants, 100% organically. They grow 98% of the plants used on their formulas themselves, and can make sure they are fresh, potent, and properly preserved for every batch of products.

The lab is steps away from the farm fields, which enables them to capture the potency of the plants they grow to the fullest, as well as to experiment to their hearts content whenever they have a lightbulb moment out in the field! The lab is also SOLAR POWERED. They recycle everything that can be recycled, and compost absolutely everything that can be composted — and that compost goes right back on their fields to help grow more gorgeous plants. Full Circle.


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