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#DrinkNY: The Sea Breeze

#NYSOM Happy Hour: We believe in celebrating, and have a tradition of ending each work week with a New York State-inspired cocktail. Here’s our guide to mixing and sipping The Classic Sea Breeze.

"The Classic Sea Breeze"

Summer is officially behind us, and while we have a lot to look forward to in autumn, we're longing for just one more day at the beach. While the cooler temps are telling us to move on, this week's cocktail reminds us that, sometimes, a season is just a state of mind. So, we're closing out our Countdown Cocktail Series with an aperitif that pays homage to summers in New York: The Classic Sea Breeze. And which New York region knows a thing or two about an onshore breeze? The Thousand Islands-Seaway, of course. After all, the area is peppered with nearly 2,000 islands in the St. Lawrence River and covers much of the State's northern shores. What's more, our Sea Breeze is composed of local flavor with Clayton Distillery's Flagship Vodka, a liquor made from 100% corn grown on a nearby farm in Cape Vincent. (Fun fact: Clayton Distillery is The Thousand Islands-Seaway Region's first micro-distillery -- more on that in October.) Talk about embodying the local spirit!


  • 2 oz. Clayton Distillery's Flagship Vodka
  • 2 oz. cranberry juice
  • 2 oz. grapefruit juice (preferably freshly squeezed)
  • Lime wedge


Fill a cocktail glass with ice. Pour the vodka and juices over the ice, then stir gently. Squeeze the lime into the drink then drop it into the glass.

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With reporting by Audra Herman.

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