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Inside a Boater's Dream

Meet Kevin, a Long Lake resident. Step inside his Long Lake, New York state of mind. --

The best resources for learning about Long Lake:

Word of mouth. The internet. The Hamilton County Express.

Your go-to locale for...

Trails End wp Trails End.

The hotel you always book or recommend to friends:

ADK Hotel Menu wp The Adirondack Hotel menu.
The Adirondack Hotel.

The ONE thing visits must see or do:

ADK Museum wp The Adirondack Museum.
The Adirondack Museum.

Your favorite hidden (or not so anymore) gem, and why:

The northern end of the lake has a beautiful beach. Anywhere else it would be a tourist attraction, but here it's just a place you find by boat. It's public, State land.

Number of hours or days required in town for the "full" experience.

Two days (including the Blue Mountain Lake). A couple of hikes, the Lake, the [Adirondack] Museum.

The town is great for what type of visitor (please select 1-3 from options below):

  • INNOVATE (the tinkerers and life-long students)
  • RECREATE (the adventure-seekers and fitness gurus)
  • Other: The person who likes outdoor sports, like fishing and hunting and things like that. Who enjoys incorporating the outdoors into their recreation: Snowmobiles, ATVs, Photography.

The town is best explored by...

Kayak wp Explore Long Lake via kayak.

The town is best explored in what season?

Winter, Summer.

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