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COZY | February 2018: New York “Cozy” State of Mind

COZY | February 2018: New York “Cozy” State of Mind

Now that we have settled in and adjusted (or succumbed, whichever works for you…) to the rhythm of the new year, it’s time to get “cozy” 2018!

Sure it’s cold, and springtime feels so far away, but there are plenty of ways to warm up your winter in New York State. First you will need a few, or all, of the items in the following “Winter Survival Guide”:

Then, we recommend booking a “staycation” somewhere with a fireplace, like Scribner’s Lodge, just a few miles away from the Catskills’ Hunter Mountain, and the ideal place to thaw out and let those muscles loosen up after a long day on the fresh-powder trails.

Photo credit: Scribner's Lodge

Speaking of flames, in the maker community, there is a saying used among ceramic artists, “fire up the kiln”, which indicates a step in the methodical process of hardening their clay creations. We recently had the pleasure of meeting with one of New York’s finest ceramicists, Mary Anne Davis of Spencertown’s Davis Studio. Mary Anne and team member Janet McKean showed us around their hillside, picturesque studio (yes, of course we got to see the kiln!) and fed us a divine lunch, served on their signature dinnerware, of fresh greens with homemade dressing over beets and avocado, root vegetable soup, flatbread with hummus, and a side of olives. From this cozy afternoon visit stemmed a collaboration we hope to share with you very soon!

February is cozy for another reason, too. A New Yorker for the last decade of his life, John Lennon is (likely) most known for these famous words: “All You Need Is Love”. The American holiday of love, Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on the fourteenth, and we have an entire collection of thoughtful gifts that includes chocolate and vegan fudge brownies, a specially-made-for-us herkimer diamond necklace, rainbow seed bombs, and magenta ombre dog accessories. That said, we hope that, someday, February will be known for more than just a single-day occasion commemorating romantic love. So this month, we plan to start our own trend of honoring and practicing all kinds of love, from self-love, to adoration of family and friends, down to the passions that drive our dreams for the future. We urge you to jump on our bandwagon with a “Cozy” State of Mind — and heart!