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♡ With Our Heartfelt Appreciation ♡

♡ With Our Heartfelt Appreciation ♡

Nine years ago this month, we set out to create a digital magazine and marketplace for New York State, the first of its kind.  Every day since has been a full and rich adventure.
We are so grateful to all the makers and customers who found each other through New York Makers Marketplace.  We have also delighted in telling our Makers’ and other New York stories on the New York Makers Magazine.

I am thankful for Christine Murphy, Amanda DiRobella, Kyra Tyson, Audra Herman, Garrett Yankou, Kathleen Willcox and many others who have made this possible!

As previously shared, we have decided to take a pause with the Marketplace. We will be leaving this Magazine in place to give access to the robust content we have created over these years and may surprise you with an updated or new article from time to time.

We hope you will continue to discover all the marvelous, diverse creativity of New York.  And make your own mark! The possibilities are endless!!!

With love and devotion,

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