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NEW | Wellness for Makers: Three Rituals for the New Year

NEW | Wellness for Makers: Three Rituals for the New Year

Illustration: Julianna Brazill

Self-care is often thought of as a luxury, but I believe it is a necessity. Caring for your mind and body involves so much more than taking a trip to the spa or yoga studio. Our body is our most important tool and we must re-evaluate how we define and prioritize self-care in our lives. Here are a few tips and recommendations.


This one is a challenge, but really important. Instead of opening up your text messages, favorite social media account, or email the second you wake up, take a moment to actually wake up. Drink a glass of water, go for a walk, eat, cuddle, and stretch! Make some time to notice the world around you before putting your mind on autopilot. This exercise gives you time to connect to your body. Try it out, you might just find that you are actually more productive this way.


Photo credit: Natural Beauty Tips

Here is an inexpensive and refreshing skin care tip: You can make a great mask with ingredients that might be in your refrigerator right now! Whisk egg whites and a few drops of lemon juice together until the mixture is frothy. Apply the mask to your face with your fingers or a brush, and let it set for about an hour. You will feel your skin begin to tighten. Rinse the mask away and enjoy the sensation of nourished skin! You can even use the egg yolk(s) in a number of delicious recipes!


Photo credit: Poshmark

Take some time to clean out your closet! Pick up an item and ask yourself if you love it or never use it. Have you ever worn it? Are you planning to wear it? Be honest with yourself and get rid of your extra things in a sustainable way. This will help clear physical space in your environment, which can ultimately help you feel more organized and productive.

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Have other stuff to get rid of in your office or studio? Did you know that Facebook has Garage Sale Pages in your area? They also have pages specifically for artists to sell equipment and supplies. It is free and so easy to use. Check it out!


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The mission of Wellness for Makers is to motivate and empower artists through education and mindful living. Wellness for Makers was created to make self-care, stretching, and massage techniques more accessible to artists everywhere. We strive to make it easy to find good resources, including interviews, articles, videos, and links to valuable organizations. Our workshops provide hands-on training in stretching and massage techniques that are easy to incorporate into an artist’s daily studio routine. These techniques are designed to help boost energy levels, alleviate pain, reduce the risk of injury, and improve posture. We collaborate with artists who have professional backgrounds in yoga, ergonomics, massage therapy, occupational therapy, and more, to provide a range of perspectives. We believe that by working together as a community, we can create more productive and sustainable studio practices that improve the longevity of our hands and bodies.

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