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GREEN | Wellness for Makers: Three Green Tips for the Conscious Maker

GREEN | Wellness for Makers: Three Green Tips for the Conscious Maker

Have you ever wondered if there is more you can do in your studio, and at home, to reduce your impact on the environment? Here are three green considerations to take into account while you’re working on your next big piece.

1. Do More with Materials Recycling

Photo: TerraCycle

Have you ever wondered how to recycle your 3D-printing materials, safety goggles, or any other random art supplies? It is not always easy. But you can go onto the website of innovative company TerraCycle (based in New Jersey, but doing lots to help with recycling “hard-to-recycle” waste in New York and elsewhere as well) and create a profile to find out how to recycle just about any household or studio item. Many of the recycling programs even allow you to print a shipping label from home.

2. Find Local Resale Stores

P&T’s Surplus is a resale shop in Kingston, NY, just two hours North of NYC. You can bring your old tools, scrap metal, or electronics to sell, or you can wander around and search through bin after bin of tools, materials, and other treasures for your next project. It’s an artist’s dream (especially if that artist is a graduate student on a budget)! If you know of a such a resale store in your corner of New York, please let us know so we can add it here as a resource.

3. Use Less Plastic

Have you ever walked around your space and noticed how much plastic is in your life? Noticing on a regular basis is the first step to reducing the amount of plastics you use. Keep this in mind when you brush your teeth, when you go to the store and accept a plastic bag, and when you pick up a tube of paint or the containers that you store your supplies in. Can you challenge yourself to find solutions that don’t require plastic? Can you start reusing glass jars to store your materials? Can you remember to bring a reusable bag with you to the store? If you make work that is 3D printed, what would your work look like if it was made from printed clay or metal instead?

These may seem like simple ideas, but it is important to remember that all of our actions matter. If we each do our part to make small changes to our personal habits, together we can have a big impact.

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