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FAMILY | Wellness for Makers: Three Creative Places to Experience Wellness with Family and Friends in New York

FAMILY | Wellness for Makers: Three Creative Places to Experience Wellness with Family and Friends in New York

Photo Credit: Monica Zaldivar via Wellness for Makers

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About Wellness for Makers:

The mission of Wellness for Makers is to motivate and empower artists through education and mindful living. Wellness for Makers was created to make self-care, stretching, and massage techniques more accessible to artists everywhere. We strive to make it easy to find good resources, including interviews, articles, videos, and links to valuable organizations. Our workshops provide hands-on training in stretching and massage techniques that are easy to incorporate into an artist’s daily studio routine. These techniques are designed to help boost energy levels, alleviate pain, reduce the risk of injury, and improve posture. We collaborate with artists who have professional backgrounds in yoga, ergonomics, massage therapy, occupational therapy, and more, to provide a range of perspectives. We believe that by working together as a community, we can create more productive and sustainable studio practices that improve the longevity of our hands and bodies.


It is important for one’s overall health to engage in a variety of movements regularly. In addition to traditional exercises, there are many fun and unique ways to experience art through movement. Have you ever wanted to dance through a museum, or take a bicycle ride through a field full of sculptures? Here are three creative places to stay active in the beautiful state of New York.


Photo Credit: Storm King Art Center

Storm King Art Center is a 500 acre sculpture park located in the lower Hudson Valley, just one hour north of New York City. There are different ways to enjoy the grounds: you can walk, ride a bike, or stretch! Walking is a great form of exercise. It increases blood flow and circulation, and it reduces stress. If you get tired of walking or have a limited amount of time, you can rent a bike. Bicycling is easy on your joints and good for your heart and muscles. It is the most efficient way to see more of the grounds and it’s a fun workout! Storm King also offers outdoor yoga classes every Saturday through September. Stretching increases strength and flexibility. Pack a healthy lunch and enjoy a picnic on the grounds after class.


Photo credit: Mallory Lynn. "The Museum Workout". Created by Monica Bill Barnes & Company in collaboration with Maira Kalman. L-R: Robert Saenz de Viteri, Monica Bill Barnes, and Anna Bass.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is offering a “Museum Workout” once a week for a limited time. This event combines movement, dance, and performance into a tour of the museum that will raise your heartbeat. Choreographed by Monica Bill Barnes & Company, the Museum Workout provides participants with a fun new way to experience the museum.


Photo Credit: Leeta Harding via @themuseumofmodernart

The Museum of Modern Art offers “Quiet Mornings” on the first Wednesday of every month. Attendees are encouraged to step away from their fast-paced lives, silence their phones, clear their heads, and look at each piece of artwork slowly. MOMA also offers guided meditation sessions from 8:30 - 9 AM on these days. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. These Quiet Mornings provide an opportunity to restore your mind and view the art without distractions. What a great way to gain some mid-week inspiration!

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