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VIBRANT | May 2019: New York "Vibrant" State of Mind

VIBRANT | May 2019: New York "Vibrant" State of Mind

From a recent visit to Sugar Loaf Candles; beautiful colors of hand dipped tapers hang above head

We are just as overjoyed as you are that it’s May, putting us in a very “Vibrant” State of Mind this month. The calm before the welcoming storm of summer, May is a month of bright outlook -- as there is so much to be excited for in the warmer days ahead.

May signals new beginnings with weddings and graduations (our Marketplace can help you select some cool gifts in honor of these celebrations!). Mother’s Day also falls on Sunday, May 12; we have you covered on those perfect gifts, too. Flowers continue to bloom, blanketing the outside world with an incredible amount of color and scent. Did you know several cities across New York State host big-deal annual flower festivals like Buffalo’s Cherry Blossom Festival (May 4 and 5), Rochester’s Lilac Festival (May 10-19), and Albany’s Tulip Festival (May 11 and 12)? Try to check one or more out -- you’ll be sorry you didn’t!

Photo: Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival

This May on our Magazine, we bring you some of the most vibrant stories we could uncover, from a tried-and-true neighborhood guide of high-spirited Harlem written by a real local with real roots in the community to a look at the historic synergy between folk art and carousel-making, the music box of amusement rides, in New York State. We will also list our top picks for summer art and music festivals happening in every region, dive deeper into the story of the far-out Figment Project, and talk shop with bold glassblower Bobby Sharp -- one of our newest New York makers. These are some of the schedule highlights, but follow along for even more! 

From Figment NYC 2017 on Governor's Island

As we work feverishly on some very cool summer projects, we want to thank you for continuing to read and shop and allow us to venture out and discover the best of what New York State has to offer. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it…

Welcome May!

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