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STRONG | The Statue of Liberty Keeps Making Strong Waves

STRONG | The Statue of Liberty Keeps Making Strong Waves

Photo: Rob Schumacher, USA TODAY SPORTS

The Statue of Liberty has been no stranger to controversy from virtually her first moments, when she was being created in France, where the very notion of “Liberty”, with its possible association with revolution and violence, was discomfiting in the 19th century. Then, she faced a storm arriving in New York with no funding available to pay for her pedestal. In 2017, as the backdrop for a Vogue magazine cover featuring actress Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Liberty somehow became embroiled in a partisan political dispute. Most recently, her image on the helmet of the U.S. Women’s Hockey team goalie became the subject of an Olympic “misunderstanding”.  

As the 2018 Winter Games began on February 9, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) initially said U.S. Women’s Hockey team goalies Nicole Hensley and Alex Rigsby had to remove images of the Statue of Liberty from their masks because of its policy against political symbols. Yet Liberty stood strong. After negotiations that lasted until February 13, the IOC ruled in favor of allowing the art to remain.

And, despite the odds against them in the final matchup, the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team went on to capture the gold medal in an enthralling game against the historically dominant (golds in the last four Winter Olympics) Canadian team.

Photo: USA Hockey

Its victory came down to a shootout breaking a tie, or 2-2, in the sixth round with a signature “Oops, I did it again” move by Jocelyne Lamoureus-Davidson. Totally awesome. See it for yourself here. No, really, click the link. It's a must-see-moment!

This is the first time the U.S. Women’s Hockey team has won the top spot since women’s hockey became apart of the Olympics.

Yet even with that, what might be considered most strong about this U.S. team is the battle they waged for pay equity by initially boycotting the world championships in spring of 2017. Ultimately, the team won that fight and reengaged to win those championships for the seventh time in eight years.

New York will be a stop on the team’s triumph tour before its members return to their home states. In case you would like to catch a glimpse, they will be in New York City on March 5 (appearances at NHL Powered by Reebok Store and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) and 6 (Madison Square Garden during the Winnipeg Jets vs. New York Rangers game).

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