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Talking to Dondre Green, founder of Bronx Narratives

Talking to Dondre Green, founder of Bronx Narratives

Dondre Green, founder of Bronx Narratives, realized that his borough wasn’t seen as the multi-dimensional hub of culture, art, and stories which he knew existed. He decided to create a fresh story, and Bronx Narratives was born. Through their Instagram, magazine, and podcast, Dondre and his team have created a space which tries to convey the universe within this sometimes maligned borough. The aim is to connect, educate, and entertain; and it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole reading profiles of Bronx Narrative’s interview subjects. During Covid we all got accustomed to zooming — travelling, learning, and socializing via screens — but Dondre’s print and digital publications are a conduit to a physical world ready to be explored again. 

NYM: Can you tell us a little about Bronx Narratives and what inspired you to create the platform? 

Dondre Green: Bronx Narratives is a multi-dimensional platform that archives and publishes Bronx stories. Initially it started off as a photo project I did, [and] the reception from Bronxites was very warm and encouraging. Everyone wanted to see the project evolve — and so we did just that. Each year since we've started we've found new textures to tap into.  

NYM: Has there been anything that took you by surprise since you founded Bronx Narratives as you started telling these stories?

DG: There're so many captivating stories to explore and tell and there're so many talented individuals here. In addition, I'd probably say the Bronx's landscape is much more beautiful than what's presented in the media. I love how each neighborhood feels entirely different.

NYM: How would you like to see Bronx Narratives evolve and keep growing? 

DG: I'd love for Bronx Narratives to stay anchored in our storytelling, whatever new or present medium that might be. Something equally as important would be to find new ways to bridge the accessibility gap.

You can shop Bronx Narrative’s current and past print issues here, and keep up with them on Instagram. See a selection of Dondre's 'People' and 'Places' below. 

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