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STRONG | Strong Women Owning The Change

STRONG | Strong Women Owning The Change

Let’s call it what it is: Menopause. And it is nothing of which to be ashamed or afraid. Dr. Patricia Yarberry-Allen, a New York City-based pioneering leader in this field, likes to say that once a woman enters her forties, she is either Perimenopausal, Menopausal or Postmenopausal. “I have worked with the board members of Women’s Voices for Change to take the topic out of the closet, remove any stigma, shame, or fear,” she says, so that society -- and especially the female gender -- openly acknowledge and embrace all the stages of womanhood, making it easier for more women to have access to state-of-the-art information on how to navigate and optimize life after forty, which, for most women, typically comprises the majority of their time on earth.

Dr. Yarberry-Allen, a charming, couture-wearing firebrand originally from Kentucky, graduated from medical school at a time not so long ago when few women were part of the profession. Proving she was beyond strong, she was willing to work harder than many of her colleagues and rose to the top of her profession. She practiced solo obstetrics and gynecology, but, switched to the practice of gynecology and women’s health focus as she realized the need for post-childbearing health advice that could radically change a woman’s life experience.

Photo Credit: Women's Voices for Change

New York Women and beyond benefit from this strong New Yorker’s vision and passion.

In that spirit, she was a co-founder of the not-for-profit Women’s Voices for Change. She and her engaged board have built Women’s Voices for Change, a website delivering important health information about menopause and other health issues to women everywhere, along with other topical articles ranging from, yes, sex, food, right-sized living and movie reviews to issues such as immigration and daylight savings time.

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No topic is off-limits. And you can ask questions of Dr. Pat. Can sex be the best ever after 40? Should I take hormones? If so, which ones, and when? What about Vitamin D? How often should I get a pelvic sonogram? The answers can be truly life-changing, if not life-saving.

Give it a look and see! Perhaps your life, or the life of a woman you love, will become better to the benefit of all.

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