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September 2020: New York “Onward” State of Mind

September 2020: New York “Onward” State of Mind

Photo taken in Yonkers-based artist Robert Zakanitch's studio

“Onward” is a word that inspires action. We keep moving forward, keep doing, keep discovering,...keep making. We’re in the mood for “what’s next”. So, what is next...because we are in a September “Onward” State of Mind.

Fall, for one thing. A season many of you are very excited about (as noticed from comments on our Instagram.) We are working on a guide for keeping alive our treasured New York fall traditions like apple picking, cider-tasting, leaf-peeping, visiting charming New York towns that embrace and exude the season, all while navigating COVID-19 regulations -- plus seasonal DIY activities to do at home. 

Near Woodstock, NY

Other stories to look forward to this month include, first, a fresh take at how some of our favorite restaurants around the state are going above and beyond to make sure dining with them is as safe as possible during COVID-19 times. Let’s show them our support -- our stomachs will thank us! We will also be speaking with Long Island based GioGio Design’s founder Jessica Giovachino, who 3D prints using sustainable materials. We’ve always wanted to explore the 3D process, especially as it is becoming a more popular way of making. And our friends at BADG will be back for another story, this time with one of their talented designers virtually working their magic to adapt a home space to be a workspace, as well. In addition, we decided we should go back to school to explore how college campuses across the state have adapted their “back-to-school” parameters to meet public safety concerns in this age of COVID-19.

Photo: GioGio Design

Meanwhile, we have been very busy in the kitchen preserving the simply delicious fruits and berries grown here at home and are excited to announce the addition of four new Silda’s Jam flavors: Cherry Pie, Strawberry Lemon Lavender, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Red + Blue (strawberries and blueberries)! The new flavors will soon be available for purchase at our online Marketplace, along with our other delicious jams; meanwhile, you can also scoop them up at the following retail partner New York locations: the New York Makers pop up shop in Forage & Gather, Mountaindale; Hurleyville General Store, Hurleyville; Fulton Stall Market, NYC; Hawthorne Valley Farm Store, Ghent, and soon -- Tender Land Home, Phoenicia.  

New York Makerswill be announcing our participation in an October digital market event that has us pretty pumped...details to follow. Stay tuned!

And if you missed it, check out our corporate gift collection! Do you know someone who could benefit from this offering? Are you that someone who wants to do what you can to support local? Locally-made products stand out -- both in quality and the degree of thoughtfulness. Take a look here and get in touch! We can customize many of our products.

Onward we go! Stay focused, and stay curious! We’ll continue to deliver you the best maker news and beautifully New York-made goods.

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