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October 2020: New York "Intrepid" State of Mind

October 2020: New York "Intrepid" State of Mind

Waterfall near Woodstock, NY

Here in New York, we LOVE October. The leaves turn beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red; outdoor fall activities like apple and pumpkin picking are around almost every country corner; the beaches empty and return to being vast, open, and tranquil; and we look forward to locating the most creative -- and super spooky! -- Halloween decorations. These changes also help gird us for the winter that lies ahead -- this year with the added challenge of trying to avoid a possible COVID-19 resurgence. So this October, we occupy an “Intrepid” State of Mind. 


Perfect to announce New York Makers’ debut as part of NY NOW®, one of the largest retail-facing exhibitions that usually bases out of the NYC’s Javits Center but this year is carrying on instead with its first ever Digital Market, a virtual platform for retailers from all over the world to connect with designers and makers. If you are a buyer, you can still register to virtually attend the market here. We are also extremely excited to share with you our NY Now Podcast interview where our team talks about our origin, how we find makers and how makers find us, how we responded to COVID-19 and came out stronger than ever, and what to expect to find from us during the NY NOW® Digital Market and beyond. Listen here. Also, give our interview with Allison Garafalo, Director of Sales for NY Now Handmade, a read on our Magazine here. The topic is makers, something we find ourselves perfectly aligned about when speaking with our friends at NY NOW®.

What else intrepid can we explore? Of course --  New York City’s Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum, which has now reopened! And the creative sides of our veterans. Be sure to check out the article in our Magazine outlining our findings on creative and arts-related programs, employment opportunities, and other resources throughout New York State specifically designed with our veterans mental health, wellness, and being in mind. 

Also on the Magazine for October, we fell hard for the story behind the undauntable Hudson Valley-based master woodworker Tyreik Jackson of I’m a Fixer and think you will, too. Jackson has a clear vision for the future he wants to help shape; he knows hard work, tenacity, and community are how to make it happen. Jackson started a really fascinating initiative in New York City right before the pandemic, and we look forward to the day he feels he can safely continue his pure-of-heart mission.

Tyreik Jackson, I'm a Fixer. Photo: I'm a Fixer

Two of our favorite makers -- or should we say bakers -- are Konstantin Augemberg and Lenny Forde of Little L’s. In a piece for our Magazine, Augemberg and Forde guide us through their bold plan of taking a artisanal dog treat brand, navigating the science of scaling up, and then turning it into a full-fledged, well-respected pet boutique in Brooklyn.

As always, our makers display their courage and remind us of this simple, yet sometimes daunting challenge, “no risk, no reward”. How are you getting into an “Intrepid” State of Mind this month?!

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