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November 2020: New York “Treasure” State of Mind

November 2020: New York “Treasure” State of Mind

The twists and turns of 2020 have, perhaps, taken a toll on our inner light. For many, experience of loss and profound sadness for our trials threaten to overshadow. Yet, we can always find bright spots. So we are heading into November in a “Treasure” State of Mind. Despite everything, we have the power to appreciate what’s important to, and good for, us. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic and social impacts, we can keep those treasures in our hearts -- especially as we approach Thanksgiving and focus on appreciating what we have, rather than what we do not have and cannot control.

One of the stories we will be exploring this month is that of jewelry designer Joan Hornig and her Herkimer diamond collection. Hornig reached out to us a few years ago exclusively to launch the New York Makers Herkimer diamond collection on our Marketplace that has been very popular with our customers. The Classic style was even featured in April’s The Oprah Magazine. We have become so enamored of these native gems that we traveled to Herkimer County late this summer to mine for some of those signature New York treasures ourselves. After hours digging and panning one hot and sunny day, we gained even greater affinity for these special double-terminated stones. We’ll tell you all about Hornig, Herkimer diamonds, and our mining experience as one of our November treasures.

Ace of Diamonds, Middleville, NY

As for other New York treasures, we will also be breaking down our favorite New York natural resources, locations, people, and inventions. There’s so much to love about New York. This will be a great refresher to warm our hearts. A few New York treasures to look forward to...

Olana State Historic Site, Hudson, NY. Pictured left to right: Mark Prezorski, Senior Vice President and Landscape Curator of The Olana Partnership, and William L. Coleman, Ph.D., Director of Collections & Exhibitions of The Olana Partnership

Stay tuned for our virtual participation in The Grand Central Virtual Holiday Fair 2020 open November 16 - December 24.

Sometimes we treasure something even as we have to let it go. We are sad to report one of our favorite makers, Stephanie Golden (the best!) of Biggie’s Crack Toffee, has decided to stop making toffee and focus on other life pursuits. We had an enlightening post-mortem conversation full of wisdom, grace, and gratitude. Stay tuned for that piece, too.

What or whom do you value? It’s the perfect season to reflect on what brings you happiness and find creative and safe ways to express those feelings. One thing we cherish is you, and one small way we can help is to offer 10% off all gift purchases with the code TREASURE on our Marketplace through the end of the month. Follow along this November!

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