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March 2021: New York “Shedding” State of Mind

March 2021: New York “Shedding” State of Mind

Photo: New York Makers

The first day of March in New York was intensely cold, the night wind howling furiously, shaking the house and disturbing sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Then, the next day, the sun was bright and warm and melted much of the snow that had been piling up. As the battle between winter and spring continues to unfold this month, we celebrate being in a New York “Shedding” State of Mind. In addition to the cold weather, we hope to leave behind the scourge of COVID-19 with the arrival of vaccines enough for all and at last be able to focus on the best paths to thrive in a post-pandemic world. 

March is Women’s History Month. How is that related to “shedding”? Why getting beyond old stereotypes and expectations. As a woman-owned and -run business, New York Makers is proud to see more and more women pursuing business ventures, especially in creative fields; we happily note that, through no intentional effort of our talent scouting methods, over 65% of the makers on our Marketplace are women! 

Another inspiring story spotlights two New Yorkers whose mission is to shed light on the plight of female professional soccer players all over the world. Filmmakers, Kely Nascimento-DeLuca, daughter of the football icon Pelé, and producer Susie Petruccelli, author of Raised a Warrior, are on the brink of releasing their documentary that uses soccer, aka football, to illuminate the battle for opportunity and equality for both women and men from all walks of life, across all cultures and societies. 

Basic to shedding old notions is for women to own their own finances. This month we speak to Michelle Smith, New York-based financial expert and owner of a female-centric advisory firm, about money, women, and our aspirational futures, including ways to take your seat at the financial table. Michelle has focused her practice on helping divorcing women begin their new journeys from a place of power, though her advice benefits women of all ages and circumstances.

Speaking of “shedding”, our thoughts also turn to, what else, sheep! We will also feature a story on one of our favorite new makers, Mary Jeanne Packer of Battenkill Fibers, an MIT-educated engineer who identified a need and opportunity in the farm-to-fiber industry of New York. She named her company for the textile mill operation in Greenwich, New York, once run by Susan B. Anthony’s father, Daniel (the original mill structure is no longer standing). 

Battenkill Fibers founder Mary Jeanne Packer. Photo provided by Battenkill Fibers

The town of Greenwich has long seemed to foster or attract transformative women, notably including iconic suffragette and abolitionist Susan B. Anthony, who grew up there. So we also sit down this month with Deborah Craig, the recent president of the Washington County Historical Society, to talk about how hometown hero Susan B. Anthony’s legacy could influence future successes for the community. 

March is maple sugar month, which means many of the maple farmers across the state will be tapping for 2021 batches (helping their trees expel their sweet liquid gold)! New York is the second largest producer of maple syrup in the United States, behind Vermont, and we take our maple heritage very seriously. Maple syrup is no longer just associated with pancakes. Innovative maple geniuses over the years have developed deliciously creative pairings with coffee or tea, in salad dressings, on cheese, or in cocktails (of course New York Makers loves using maple syrup in its Silda’s Jams!). It’s a big month for maple, and we have a lot of news and products to share. Stay tuned! 

Catskill Mountain Sugar House. Photo: New York Makers

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As we leave winter behind there is so much to discover in a New York “Shedding” State of Mind!

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