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June 2020: New York "Sunny" State of Mind

June 2020: New York "Sunny" State of Mind

Photo taken at Saugerties Lighthouse, NY

The sun rises out of darkness, and we can make the choice to rise with it and not just shine our light but power positive change. Despite the challenges at every single turn, there’s hope around the corner waiting to lift up our spirits and help us move forward. The sun’s up, and we’ve got much work to do.

New York Makers is about building opportunity and community. Our stories are designed to inspire, to broaden, to connect. Even – especially – in this time of crisis, we chose to operate in the belief that our country can, and will, come together around the value of every human life and emerge stronger for having to face our own tremendous societal fault lines, as well as the ravages of a new pathogen.

Our Magazine stories this month offer some respite from the storms. First, we will be sharing a list of New York State places to see and enjoy wildflowers. (What could be more literally sunny than that!) We also want to energize you by introducing a global collective that originated in Brooklyn -- The Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG). BADG represents a curated collective of independent Black artists, makers, and designers across various art and design disciplines who are at the top of their respective fields. 

Photo: BADG

Since Father’s Day is fast-approaching on Sunday, June 21, we will also bring you the uplifting stories of some of our favorite father + daughter or son makers (sneak preview: Syracuse Salt and Color Our Town). And we will be hearing from our intrepid makers’ on how they have been adapting their businesses in a time of COVID-19. 

Left to right: Elizabeth "Libby" Croom and David Iannicello of Syracuse Salt

Region by region, locations throughout the state are entering new phases in the reopening process. We urge everyone to continue to stay safe, wear a mask, and follow other CDC guidelines. We also hope you will continue your support of our state’s businesses as they reopen, to the extent you can. Even as you think globally, now is the time to act locally and be part of our rebirth. 

As we look forward to sharing a brighter June with you -- “Be the change you want to see happen.” (THE LOVE PROJECT, by Brooklyn high school teacher Arleen Lorrance).

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